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Camper Van Conversions – Motorhomes

Whatever your needs we can convert your van to your ideal vehicle. Whether you want to carry bikes, motorbikes, surf boards, or just something to sleep in etc, we can tailor-make you a campervan.

To your basic van we can add any furniture, appliances, hot water and heating systems, water tanks, solar power, inverters for mains on the move, Solar Panels, windows, insulation, upholstery, TV, satellite, audio – pretty much whatever you want!


How long will it take and how much will it cost?
Typically conversions take between 6 and 12 weeks to complete at a cost of 8 to 15 thousand pounds in addition to the base vehicle. A very basic conversion may be less and an ultra high-tech complex conversion could be more. We will always supply a clear and accurate quote before any work begins.

Will the Gas and Electrics be safety checked?
All our conversions are Gas and electrically tested

What if I want to part convert a van myself can you do the stuff I can’t?
We can accommodate partial conversions or even finish/alter DIY conversions. Contact us for more info.

Is it not cheaper and less of a head ache to just buy a ‘off the shelf’ van?
Although the process of ordering a custom built motorhome may appear quite daunting and more expensive than buying an ‘off the shelf’ model this is not usually the case and there are many additional benefits:

  • You can choose your fabrics and colour schemes from a large selection
  • You can also choose from a variety of layouts and roof configurations
  • By mixing and matching our tried and tested layouts we can produce a motorhome that truly meets your needs.
  • You can choose any suitable base vehicle with the engine of your choice.

Additionally we can tailor the project to your budget by carrying out part conversions or by scheduling the build in stages to spread the cost. However there are so many possible layouts and variations to choose from that it is impossible to illustrate them all on our web site. Therefore, for us to take your enquiry to the next stage, you will have to contact us to discuss your needs and to see at first hand the high quality and attention to detail that goes into each of our conversions.

We keep abreast of new developments and regulations so this means that our attention to detail is not just cosmetic but applies to all areas of construction. We are well aware that a hidden flaw never remains hidden for long.

Note: A 50% deposit will be required before work commences.

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