Shower Tray Repairs

Does you motorhome or caravan have a cracked or broken showertray?  Do not despair!  It is common that showertrays in motorhomes and caravans have small cracks and even suffer accident damage.  Caravan & Motorhome Solutions can offer a solution that is affordable and long-lasting.

Caravan & Motorhome Solutions are able to offer you an economic solution to cracked or damaged motorhome and caravan shower trays.  We are specialists in plastic shower tray repairs and also GRP shower tray repairs.  Our system offers a repair service to your shower tray using a tough, durable and flexible liner, which is sprayed on. This product also offers anti-slip properties.

All motorhome and caravan shower trays are repaired at our workshop in Chard, Somerset and are worked on in situ without having to remove the showertray from the vehicle.  This reduces the disruption inside your caravan or motorhome.  Should your motorhome or caravan showertray require extra support to minimise movement, this will be done prior to the coating being applied.  All sizes and shapes of caravan and motorhome shower trays can be coated.

A choice of colours available.

Caravan or Motorhome shower tray repairs will take a day to repair and will be able to be fully utilised after 3 days, to ensure optimum curing time.

We can also repair & re-colouring  sinks inside vehicles too!

Our products can also be used for other forms of repairs such as, cracked front panels, anti-slip protection on steps and much more due to its versitility.


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